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Women’s Health Virtual Boardroom has been designed to provide a comprehensive and innovative overview of the latest developments in the field, primarily in the areas of fetal and maternal health, operative gynecology, gynecological oncology, reproductive medicine, female infertility, IVF procedures, and much more.


Many distinguished gynecologists, fertility specialist and scientists have joined the faculty and will take part in the Virtual Boardroom to share their experiences and research through interactive case-studies, platform presentations and more.


Women’s Health Virtual Boardroom is a platform for discussion among peer experts, whose questions arise from the lack of evidence, and who wish to achieve consensus based on expert opinions. Join us for a rewarding experience, where you can meet top-notch medical expertise, expand your knowledge, and engage yourself in a dedicated scientific environment.



LINET world's leading bed manufacturer will present their solutions for OBG segment. AVE 2 is a design winning birthing bed which had proved in clinical practice that it supports both, mother and caregiver during all phases of birth. Discover the tips & tricks on how this bed can be used in your delivery ward. Gracie is a high class gynecological workplace that contributes to versatility and ease of use during gynecological examination. Discover the benefits for physicians during different types of examinations that are common in gynecological practice.  



  • Directors of Maternity Hospitals

  • Heads of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

  • Oby-Gyne Consultants

  • Obs-Gyne Specialists

  • Obstetricians

  • Gynaecologists

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